SolidState Nanodevices Laboratory


Welcome to the Solid State Nanodevices Laboratory. We work on a range of technologies for electronics and energy. Our main areas of research are:

Liquid Crystal Technology

Thermoelectric Materials and Devices

Lead Free Solders

Molecular Modeling of Electronic Materials

We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers comprising of Electrical/Mechanical/Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, Chemists and Physicists. We strongly welcome enquiries from potential students and collaborators.

Our research primarily focuses of four key areas in the field of electronic and energy materials and devices:

Liquid Crystal Technology

We are primarily interested in the unique physics behind the liquid crystal phase, for utilisation as displays and electronics devices. (Click here)

Thermoelectric materials and devices 

We have worked on the design and development of a range of thermoelectric materials including skutterudites, chalcogenides, and spin crossover metal complexes. (Click here)

We are also working on the translation of thermoelectric materials into energy harvesting devices (Click here) 

Lead-free solders

We work on the design and formulation of low cost, environmentally friendly lead-free solder alloys. Evaluation of solder performance in terms of electrical, mechanical and electrochemical properties are a critical measure of their effectiveness as electronics packaging material (Click  here)

Molecular Modeling of Electronic Materials

We complement the experimental works in the areas above with a structured programme in molecular design of materials, to provide a systematic pathway of identifying optimal materials for each targeted applications. We are particularly interested in the correlation between molecular structure and electronic properties, in particular for liquid crystals, ionic liquids, fluorescent and spin crossover metal complexes. (Click here)

Contact Details

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Universiti Malaya,
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